Did You Know?

  • About 6,400 people die every year in Mexico City, while up to a million more develop breathing problems due to air pollution
  • In December 1952, fatal smog developed in London, killing 4,000 people and harming 8,000
  • People who live in high-pollution areas have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer than those who do not live in high-pollution areas
  • Air pollution from China has been found in central California
  • In California, air pollution causes more deaths than car crashes

What can we do about this?  Bike sharing is a great way to reduce air pollution by getting out of that car and getting onto that bike!  For example, in Portland, Oregon, their bike-sharing program prevents the release of 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.  So support bike sharing, and save the planet too!

Sources: Random FactsEVs Roll


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