Biking: The Healthy Transportation Alternative

A bike-sharing program on campus could help us broke college kids save a buck while fighting obesity!  It’s a win-win situation.

Source:  Frank Warnock


Proposed Bike-Sharing Kiosk Locations


Proposed Bike-Sharing Kiosk Locations

This is a map with the tentative locations we would like to see bike-sharing kiosks set up at UIUC (click to view the full map)! We’re going for a more condensed system right now since those tend to be the most successful bike-sharing programs–nobody wants to go out of their way to get to their final destinations, and having frequent and convenient bike kiosks is one way to go!

  • Newmark Laboratories
  • Illini Union
  • Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR)
  • Undergraduate Library (UGL)
  • Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)
  • Sherman Hall
  • Student Dining and Residential Programs (SDRP)
  • Activities Recreation Center (ARC)
  • Pennsylvania or Florida Residence Halls (PAR/FAR)

We suggest that the program first start with movable bike stations, much like how it’s done in Paris’ Velib, or at least until the locations with the greatest need for shared bikes is identified.